How Does the Samsung A52s Compared to the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc?


The Samsung A52s is the latest mid-budget Android-based smartphone from Samsung Electronics. The device is officially announced on 16 March 2021 at a Samsung press conference. It is supposed to replace the aging and obsolete Galaxy 51. The A 52s is the first device in the A Series made by Samsung. Apart from the regular home and vehicle applications, it also offers a Web browsing environment, entertainment features such as Air Gesture and S Pen, and other facilities such as voice recognition, photo sharing, and location services. samsung a52s

This smartphone has a compact design. Its display is approximately the same size as that of the iPhone 6s. Although it is designed for a mini-portable, it still offers a large viewing area even when the screen is reduced. On the other hand, the iPhone has bigger screens and a higher resolution, making it an excellent choice if you want to watch high definition videos and movies. Since both devices have the identical form factor, the resolution and brightness, they can be compared side-by-side.

Samsung A52s has two cameras on the rear: One is an optical image stabilizer, which uses patented technology to minimize camera outside influence when taking photos in low lighting conditions. The second is called the Selfie camera, which uses a secondary camera to capture moving images. The Airmix camera on the rear will also take up less memory space. Samsung A52s has a single speaker and no front speaker, so if you want to enjoy music or videos, you’ll need a pair of earphones. However, the phone comes with a headphone jack, which means you can enjoy sound straight from your pocket.

Samsung A52s has a big advantage over its competitors; it has two variants which will suit different needs. If you want to use the Notebook in your office or on the go, the standard variant with the Samsung S Pen will be sufficient. If you use the device in your home, you can opt for the Galaxy A52s (T) version which comes with a physical keyboard. It has a comfortable keyboard and a large, high-definition screen. In addition to using the Notebook in its intended environment, the keyboard performs well during video and movie playback.

Samsung A52s has a neat design, although it might not be to everybody’s taste. Despite its minimal design, the Samsung A52s manages to pack in plenty of features. It includes a 1,985 mAh battery that can last you a good few days. Additionally, it offers a high performance for photos, videos, music, and games. The Samsung Galaxy A52s price is slightly higher than the other variant, but it is still a very competitive handset.

On the contrary, the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc review found that this phone had some drawbacks. This handset has a single rear camera which can be replaced by a dual camera in some variants. Furthermore, this handset uses a micro SD card for internal storage which isn’t compatible with the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc. To conclude, the Samsung A52s has some advantages as compared to the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc.

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